22 August 2009

Festival cool

Laura BBrass bead bag, Zucca cotton top, Siwy denim shorts, Strategia buckle boots, My-wardrobe coin pendant, Coast cuff

I haven't been to any festivals for a couple of years but the outfit above would be perfect. Light and floaty with some heavy duty footwear.
The english weather would mean this would be more likely.

GG oversive tank, General pants tassle vest, Debenhams parker, Desire clothing, shorts, Miu Miu beaded socks, Hunter wellingtons


  1. Have you seen the parkas in Warehouse? Definitely on my listarillo...swoony. About £90 I think but I wear parkas so often and frequently through a/w and indeed spring (bloody blighty!) that it's worth the moola to get the right one. I bought one from Next last year and I was embarrassed to put it on every time. Not good. EBAY!

  2. PS - the Strat BOOOOOOTS - fierce! <3 <3 <3

  3. Boo the hearts don't work ;-) x

  4. I have a parka on today its so miserable... Will check out Warehouse - thanks. PS the strat boots are just out of my price range, only £1000+ I think....!


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