2 September 2009

Perfect pea coat

Last night I spied a very cute looking pea coat in navy woven wool with bright shiny buttons. It looks as good undone as it does done up and it came home with me!

Its very similar to Alexa's here with full length sleeves. Random London Girl reminded me I was after a pair of riding boots which will look great with the coat so im hunting down a nice shiny vintage pair!

A little collage of a simple outfit topped off with a pea coat.


  1. That coat sounds gorgeous hon! Photos pleeeeease! You are great at Polyvoring, I have attempted to do it a few times but I get sooo lost. Let's hope we find some riding boots eh. x

  2. I think the dress is DP's Sadie!
    RLG - I'll try snapping a few pictures over the weekend x

  3. I've been looking for a perfect pea for years, do you mind if I ask where you got yours from?

  4. The pea coat was a TK Maxx find Polly.


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