22 September 2009

Time flies

So its Tuesday again already. I had a really great weekend which started off with chinese food, Strictly come dancing which I love and then seeing if Derren Brown could stick me to my chair, which he didn't but I did get weird pins and needles and cold spots in certain places and felt very heavy and sleepy!

I then had a very late call from my sister who rang to tell me she got engaged! I'm mega happy for her and shocked in a good way, it was such great news.

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling with Matt, asking him when my ring finger was going to be decorated.... ( not anytime soon....) food, tv, and a stack of magazines. I knew there was a reason I stopped buying magazines and that was to cut back on my spending. My wishlist grew almost double I think this weekend thanks to Elle and the super-sized Sunday Time Style mag.

This weeks plans are:

  • To put alot of clothes into storage in the loft until I can find a clothes fair to sell them at. If I car boot I'm not sure I'd get anything more than a few pennies and ebay is just way too much hassle so this may be my best option. Does anyone know of any clothes fairs or something similar that I could look at? I'm midlands based but willing to travel down to London.
  • Get out for at least a couple of runs.
  • Paint my nails with my new autumn orange polish.
  • Complete a couple of mystery shops.
  • Pick out a birthday present for my sister.
  • Dye my hair with a home colour kit for the first time - eek!
  • Finalise my weekend plans - busy busy busy but loads of fun!
  • Charge my camera so I can start taking some pictures for this blog.
Lots to be getting on with. The three Christopher Kane bags I ordered arrived and I'm in LOVE with the leather fringed box bag. It's gorgeous, it has a long pewter chain strap, frame and clasp and lovely soft leather all over. The eyelets don't look cheap which I thought may be the case and the fringing is great. Best thing about it - It fits so much in whilst still being a perfect evening bag, my phone, money, make-up and camera all sit perfectly in it. I'll take pictures tonight.


  1. My weekend sounds very very similar to yours! Saw the Christopher Kane bag in TS yesterday evening, it's lovely! Not sure about clothes fairs, the only thing I can think of is clothes swapping/ swishing?

  2. have you seen the closet forum on Fsshionbaggers?Try that hun-I got rid of loads of clothes at a car boot sale but tbh,it was mostly stuff that wasnt worth ebaying.


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