30 October 2009

Bag research

I've been saving for a while now for my impending trip stateside and am hoping to pick up a new bag while im there.

I've decided on something fairly classic and these are a selection of contenders.

Grey woven Miu Miu tote, I like the woven leather the small belt fastening and that it looks nice and squashy too. I already have a grey Roxanne though so maybe grey isn't a colour I should be going for. (net a porter - £695)

Prada Cervo tote, I love the aged brown deer leather and the fact you can swing it from the crook of your arm or use the shoulder strap. I think this bag would just get better and better with age. (Neiman Marcus - $995)

Miu Miu studded messenger bag. I haven't felt this bag in real life but imagine the leather to be super soft and light and like that it can be converted to a super size clutch. Im not sure if i'd get bored with the studs eventually. ( net a porter - £655)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Genius tote, this bag would be extra practical being able to throw anything and everything in whilst still looking lovely on my arm. Im not sure wether i'd prefer something a little more exciting, really great price though.... (net a porter £355)
What are your thoughts on these bags? Any others to suggest?


  1. I like the Prada the best. Classic and will look better with age as you said. The Miu Miu studded clutch is nice but overpriced (as is everything Miu Miu!) for what you're getting for your money.

  2. I agree with you, the Prada is number one at the minute, it also comes in a lovely deep burgandy too which is lovely!

  3. I like the Prada one the best too, with the woven Miu Miu a close second. The only one I'm not so keen on is the Marc Jacobs one - although I'm sure it's a lovely bag there's nothing to really make it stand out.


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