21 October 2009

Sampling madness

I have a bad habit. You know the samples you get from department stores or stuck to the pages of magazines? Well I seem to collect them, I didn't realise how many I had until I emptied the rather large bag that has been sitting in my bedroom for well over a year or two. Everytime I flick through a magazine and come across a little shiny sachet I automatically peel it off and stash it in the bag. In department stores I always ask if they have a sample size of whatever im buying thinking that it will be great for travelling and nine times out of ten they hand me three matching bottles of potions as well, they all go in the bag.

Last night I tipped the bag out and didn't know where to start, I counted 180 sachets, bottles and pots of face, eye, neck, hand and body creams, gel masks, scrubs, glosses, glitter, perfumes, shampoos, hair treatments, self tans, and foundations. It was riduculous, I rarely pack any of these into my over night case for weekends away as I always prefer sticking to my tried and tested products and on longer holidays full size bottles are needed. This is a silly habit!

I had a good old sort through and was very thorough, I have kept the samples I know I will use (maybe 50%) and chucked the rest in a bag for my mum to rummage through and will then pass the rest to friends. I am aiming to have used everything I have left by Christmas. Two sachets of body lotion down 88 to go.....


  1. Wow! That's a lot. I hardly ever pay attention to them. I think the shampoo ones are silly - there's not enough for a wash in a single sachet.

  2. Lol that's a CRAZY amount! Good luck finishing those sachets...

  3. Most of them are ridiculously small sized sachets but im determined to use them all up - i'd feel strangely guilty binning them!


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