18 November 2009

Blog I'm loving

I thought start a regular post about a blog im currently loving. This week its Wheredidugetthat. Karen is a London girl living in New York and puts together such great outfits everyday ( I like a regular blogger!) Im getting so much inspiration from this girl. Here are some of my favourite outfits:

I am ordering this dress today! How pretty is it and it will work just as well warmed up with tights, boots and cosy layers as it will simple and lovely in the summer. I wouldn't have looked twice at it on the website - total bargain £45 Topshop.

This is another outfit im wanting to take some inspiration from, a maxi dress is perfect for winter hiding cosy knit tights underneather, leather jacket and a big knit accessories. Possibly my favourite outfit on this blog.

All images wheredidugetthat
And. The. Shoes. Some of my most wanted shoes are in this collection. Drool.
Check out the blog when you can! http://karen-wheredidugetthat.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog! And thanks for the lovely comment you left. Have added both your blogs to my google reader - they look great! Bx

  2. I follow her too. I love the way her pics are taken. Does somebody literally follow her around NYC??

  3. I have no idea Y! She must have to get so many shots out and about every day...!

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  5. Meeep! I nearly ordered that TS lace dress yesterday but realised I have a very similar one already. TS one is tempting though...


  6. I follow lots of fashion blogs,but I'd not seen this one so thank you for posting it!!

  7. I love this blog too, hadn't thought about who takes all her photos! She's just opened a blog shop too and is selling off a lot of shoes, I was gutted I'm not the same size!


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