12 November 2009

Help please: MAC brushes

I know a few of you are brilliant at make-up and will hopefully have some suggestions for me. I thought it about time I bought some new brushes as i've been using the same one for so long now, its time for an update!

So if any of you MAC addicts can help me in suggesting suitable brushes I will be very thankful, im after:

Blusher brush
Foundation brush
Bronzer brush
Eyeshadow brush and a
Brush for applying mineral skinfinish
Possibly a blending brush too?

Merci x


  1. Would have to say 187 for foundation. You just stipple on your foundation and then buff in. Wouldn't be without mine.

  2. Blusher - 129 brush is lovely
    Foundation - 187, just stipple it on & buff it in, gives a flawless look :)
    Bronzer - again the 129 is lovely for bronzer
    E/s brush - for me its the 217 as you can use it to appy colour and also blend. I love this brush
    For MSFs - I use the 182 for the MSF Natural
    Blending - 217 or 224 as it gives you a softer finish but its a bigger brush so its not as easy to control.

    Hope that helps you :) xx

  3. I agree about the 187- it's unbeatable for an amazing airbrush finish.
    For blush, I'd advise the 168, its foolproof.
    Eyeshadow: 217, 219, 213 and 208.


  4. Thanks Helen, Sparkles and Candlelight. The 187 sounds like a great recc its down on the list as a definite as are the others mentioned which i'll compare when I have them in my hand! x


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