3 November 2009

Pumpkin power

Last Friday was our annual pumpkin carving competition at work. I've never carved one in my life and haven't got any knife skills so I decided decoration would be the easiest way to make it look scary. My theme was Medusa!

Firstly I scooped out the flesh, (which smells horriffic and is so slimy) and painted with green poster paint mixed with pva glue (yes like we did at school!) then sat with the hairdryer on it for over half an hour as the paint was refusing to dry. Two coats later I carved eyes nose and a mouth in the shell.

I threaded fine garden wire through jelly snakes and bent them into wriggling shapes. Then then pushed the wire into the pumpkin head so the snakes would stand on end!


He/ she came a respectable second!


  1. That's brilliant! Love the jelly snakes! What did the first place one look like??

  2. The first place was a tortoise (not a brilliant one) - I was told quite often than mine had been robbed (and I did agree a little...!) but never mind!


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