3 November 2009

Seven grey things

I have been tagged by the lovely Becky at Style and the City to post seven grey items I have. Lucky for me grey is one of my favourite colours to wear.

1. Grey suede ankle boots from Topshop. These are incredibly comfortable despite the heel being quite slim and the slouchy suede is great for dressing outfits up and down.
2. Grey cable knit dress from Urban Outfitters. I bought this dress nearly a year ago and have worn it many times. Its snuggly and cosy can be worn with plain long sleeved tee underneath, high heeled ankle boots, dressed down with my harness boots and leather hoody - very versatile but mainly warm!

3. Grey nails. Im really liking grey nails at the moment but im yet to purchase, I need to try a few colours to find the perfect one. So I dont quite own any grey polish but I will!

4. Grey silk watercolour skirt from Urban Outfitters. I love this skirt so much it is my favourite. I know its not totally grey but it still counts... I wear it with a loose vest tucked in, blazer or slouchy cardigan, opaques and ankle boots.

5. Grey wool tights. I love wool tights when it reaches winter and get most of my pairs from H&M as they do a great wide ribbed pair in light grey or charcoal grey.

6. Grey fluffy rabbit. Im cheating again as I dont own one of these but he is on my wish list (although maybe not quite so fluffy) How adorable, he doesn't quite look real.

7. Grey Mulberry Roxanne. My most treasured grey possesion probably. I've had her for over a year now and she has been lovingly used and is now lovely and squashy yet the leather is still looking brilliant. This bag holds everything and weight trains my arms at the same time. Im so glad I finally got one!

I think most people have been tagged by now but I choose blue if anyone wants a go.


  1. I love eerything, especially the dress xx

  2. I love that bag so much and I'm not normally a fan of Roxannes, the colour is perfect! Cute boots and bunny too!


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