24 December 2009

Christmas rituals

Just a few hours to go now and im feeling rather organised, for once there will be no dashes around the shops on later on for those last minute 'I'll just get that aswell' presents.

I put up the tree last week and saturday I spent in Oxford enjoying the christmas market and the carol singers and Salvation Army band.

This week family start gathering together, today the office closes at lunchtime and the pub is soon filled with us all. After a couple of winter pimms, i'll cycle to my local pub to see friends and have a bite to eat. Home late afternoon for a doze in front of the fire, change into something festive and head into town to meet more friends for drinks, catch a cab to my local village pub to spend the rest of the evening with my sister and friends before heading home and sneaking my presents under the tree.

Christmas morning is always fun, my sister and I always have a stocking on our door and open these together in bed. I think opening my stocking is always my favourite part of the day. Downstairs the tree will be standing over mountain of gifts and I play santa! One present each round for everyone! After gifts and thank yous are over mum gets the bucks fizz flowing and the american pancakes, bacon and maple syrup are produced.

Up to change into our christmas day outfits, usually something smart and comfy, and back downstairs to play with my new things while mum and gran start cooking the feast.

Lunchtime usually starts mid afternoon and its the whole turkey with all of the trimmings, champagne, christmas pudding and creams, liquers, coffees and after eights! By then everyone is ready to sleep so us kids will clear the table, wash up and get the dishwasher on. By then gran is fast alseep snoring amazingly loudly with the tv on.

Later evening a 'party tea' is produced with left over turkey, sandwiches, pastries and cakes and cups of tea are eaten in front of the fire. Then the games start. My sister and I have always received a game from Father Christmas each year and we all settle down to battle it out. Usually with my sister cheating!

By 11 everyone is ready to sleep off the food and alchohol induced state and yet another Christmas is over.

This is nearly every Christmas at home i've ever had although for the last four years my sister or I have been out of the country so this should be a fun filled day and I know my mum is especially looking forward to it.

Boxing day I will head to see my dad who is being very good this year spending his christmas day cooking for 50 at the Salvation Army which as well as being a worthy thing to do, he will love it - put my dad in a kitchen and no matter how many mouths he is feeding he will be in his element! We will be exchanging gifts with my grandmother and her husband and then heading to the village pub to watch the local singers perform outside.

Afternoon I head over to Stratford upon Avon to finally see Matt and his dad and hopefully have a fairly quiet evening.

Then its all over.. well not quite as it's Matts birthday on the Sunday and although he hates the fact, it is his 30th so lots of celebrating to do again, presents to give, and his mum to visit before a nice dinner out with my sister and fiance.

What are your christmas rituals?

Last but not least, a merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Have a fabulous Christmas xx

  2. I agree, sounds perfect :) Hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx


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