29 December 2009

Happy New Year

Less than an hour left at work for me before I skip home for nearly 3 weeks. Tonight im packing my case, painting my nails and getting prepped ready for a 2.45am alarm call in the morning. I am so excited I keep getting butterflies, our holiday has finally arrived!

We are hoping and praying this heavy snow isn't as bad as they say it is so our plane can take off tomorrow morning from Birmingham, we then change plans in Germany and fly onwards to Newark airport. We have one night at an airport hotel before heading into the big apple. We have so much to see and lots booked already its going to be a busy busy week

One the 4th Jan we catch the train up to Boston where we have another 3 days to explore some of the city, hopefully slightly more relaxed although i've heard the shopping is axcellent in Boston so that may fill a little of our time. There are supposed to be some excellent reatuarants in Boston too so im sure we will be feeding ourselves well to stay warm!

On the 7th we flight out of Boston and down to the humid climate in Miami, we should be collecting our convertible driving to a motel for the night before early on the road the next day, driving down through the keys soaking up the sun and arriving in Key West for a couple of nights. Lazy days will take over, cocktails and the beach as well as some great seafood.

On the 9th we drive back up to South Beach drop off out car and check in to our hotel on Ocean Drive for the rest of week, hoping for sunshine, shopping, beach and lazy lunches and well as some excellent partying of course.

Im not sure wether or not i'll have a chance to blog whilst im away but if not i'll be back with a full report in a couple of weeks.

I wish you all a very happy New Year x


  1. Have an amazing trip! Hope all the transfers go well without any hitches xx

  2. Have a fabby time you lucky thing xx

  3. Your holiday sounds perfect, NY and Miami are two places I would absolutely love to go to! Have an amazing time x

  4. Wow! How exciting hope you have a great time!


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