2 December 2009

My buys

Its rare I find a product I will rave and rave about but this brush is one.

I have very long hair, its probably about 2ft long now, is fine but I have alot of it and has a few damaged ends as it hasn't been cut since February. When i've washed my hair and conditioned it and towel dried it, it is such a mission to get a brush or comb through it without causing pain and more damage to it.

I was at a friends at the weekend and asked if she had any spray in detangler or leave in condition I could use to try and get a brush through and she threw me over a Tangle Teezer. I had seen them before on Dragons Den years ago and my first reaction was WOW. This brush went straight through my wet hair first time, smoothly, without any pulling or snapping or pain. It is a miracle! I don't think I would have believed anyone's reviews until i'd tried it but I can't say enough good things about it. I have ordered one already on ebay and am counting down the days til it arrives! it may be the best £9.95 i'll ever spend.

They are here if you want to treat your hair and head

Other items i've bought over the weekend.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique, i've been meaning to try this for ages after hearing glowing reviews. Its a heat activated re-constructive milk so ill report back when i've used it for a fair amount of time.

Plaid shirt dress. I spotted this shirt in Urban Outfitters and wanted it instantly, perfect for throwing over a pair of leggings or woolly tights as its a longer length than a standard shirt and it has nice deep hidden pockets which I love.

Coat rack jewellery stand from urban outfitters. A decent size non fussy silver stand which has much more room on it to hang and clip my jewellery than my other standing lady.

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  1. That brush sounds great. I have waist length hair and its a nightmare to comb when wet. I might have to try this xx

    I love your blog BTW


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