22 December 2009

My purse is a little lighter

I can't find a picture anywhere but I bought the most perfect faux fur coat at the weekend and even my animal print hating mum and boyfriend both liked it! Its more of a cheetah come dalmation print - very creamy blonde colour with solid brown random shaped cheetah print, its a 60's style coat, thigh length with long bracelet sleeves and is very cosy, I sized down to a size 6 it was that roomy and is now a good fit. I wish I had a picture but im sure i'll take some at some point. Being blonde I have never found leopard print to suit me so im very pleased. It was from Miss Selfridge- £80. All I need now are some nice snug elbow length gloves.

I also had my hair cut and im not quite as pleased with that as I am my coat. I asked for 3" taken off to make certain to get rid of any dead ends - 5 " have been taken off!!! I also asked for a long side fringe - that is now eye length although that should hopefully grow pretty quick to my cheekbones.

I do love the colour and for £117 I really should. I nearly fainted when I went to pay! I kind of wish i'd bitten the bullet and gone for a bob now but I know I would have regretted it with sunny hols coming up.

Next year the search for a reasonably priced good hairdresser will start....


  1. The coat sounds lovely, post a photo if you can.

  2. I saw your coat at the weekend! Its sooo gorgeous you lucky thing xx

  3. oooh,that sounds gorgeous L-£117 is too much,thast London prices and I have found myself a new hairdresser thats cheaper cos I was sick of paying £130+!!!

  4. Coat sounds fab. I hate inflated hairdressing prices. Grrr!

    Have a fab holiday and Xmas xxx


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