30 October 2009

Bag research

I've been saving for a while now for my impending trip stateside and am hoping to pick up a new bag while im there.

I've decided on something fairly classic and these are a selection of contenders.

Grey woven Miu Miu tote, I like the woven leather the small belt fastening and that it looks nice and squashy too. I already have a grey Roxanne though so maybe grey isn't a colour I should be going for. (net a porter - £695)

Prada Cervo tote, I love the aged brown deer leather and the fact you can swing it from the crook of your arm or use the shoulder strap. I think this bag would just get better and better with age. (Neiman Marcus - $995)

Miu Miu studded messenger bag. I haven't felt this bag in real life but imagine the leather to be super soft and light and like that it can be converted to a super size clutch. Im not sure if i'd get bored with the studs eventually. ( net a porter - £655)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Genius tote, this bag would be extra practical being able to throw anything and everything in whilst still looking lovely on my arm. Im not sure wether i'd prefer something a little more exciting, really great price though.... (net a porter £355)
What are your thoughts on these bags? Any others to suggest?

27 October 2009

Black out


Halloween is fast approaching, has anyone got any plans?

I haven't got any fancy dress this year :( but I am going to have a little browse in my wardrobe for a halloween suitable outfit for a party on saturday.

22 October 2009

Topshop sale

The Topshop online sale started today although there wasn't really anything that massivley grabbed me.

I picked up this half price (£25) as I was after a reasonable size leather shoulder bag to take away with me later this year.

I also got a couple of bits to bump my order up enough to get free shipping and ordered.

Cashmere mix vest, i've heard good things about these.

Tie dye washed mini dress will hopefully look good with blazer, opaques and ankle boots and on its own for the beach in the new year.

And this Kate Moss pintuck dress for work.

21 October 2009

Sampling madness

I have a bad habit. You know the samples you get from department stores or stuck to the pages of magazines? Well I seem to collect them, I didn't realise how many I had until I emptied the rather large bag that has been sitting in my bedroom for well over a year or two. Everytime I flick through a magazine and come across a little shiny sachet I automatically peel it off and stash it in the bag. In department stores I always ask if they have a sample size of whatever im buying thinking that it will be great for travelling and nine times out of ten they hand me three matching bottles of potions as well, they all go in the bag.

Last night I tipped the bag out and didn't know where to start, I counted 180 sachets, bottles and pots of face, eye, neck, hand and body creams, gel masks, scrubs, glosses, glitter, perfumes, shampoos, hair treatments, self tans, and foundations. It was riduculous, I rarely pack any of these into my over night case for weekends away as I always prefer sticking to my tried and tested products and on longer holidays full size bottles are needed. This is a silly habit!

I had a good old sort through and was very thorough, I have kept the samples I know I will use (maybe 50%) and chucked the rest in a bag for my mum to rummage through and will then pass the rest to friends. I am aiming to have used everything I have left by Christmas. Two sachets of body lotion down 88 to go.....

20 October 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a mad old week and a bit.

Well I have completed two lots of training and passed my exam which was so hard and such a massive relief. Also had a few family dinners and some extra-curricular work going on too.

I've bought a couple of bits recently, firstly these patent leather boots as a 'well done you somehow manage to pass' present to myself. They look really nice with my navy pea coat and I look alot smarter than I have done in a long time in them! I love the gold spur at the back.

I bought myself some make up for the first time this year I think, two of the Mac Dsquared greasepaints in blue and violet. The violet looks great with blue eyes. I really wanted the Style Black greasepaint stick and the young punk eyeshadow too but have missed the boat with these two.

My lovely Matt suprised me with the Mac volcanic skincare mask and exfoliator which im dying to try. The reviews for these have been amazing.

I also bought a chiffon mini dress in H&M with a digital boho print and I love this dress so so much. Its burnt orange, purple and brown pixels on cream chiffon, a bit of pattern makes a nice change for me! Its perfect over a vest and opaques and boots and can be dressed up over my liquid leggings and ankle boots. Its so nice I went and bought the grey, black and white one too....

I haven't got a great deal planned to buy come payday this Friday although I think its going to be hard steering myself away from these boots.

How great would they look with some faux fur, a mini dress, grey tights and cream wool socks poking out of them?!

I've also just spied a shirt I like and some scarves that I think i'll get, the rest will be christmas presents for others.

Whats on your shopping list for November?

2 October 2009

Black beauties


Boots are occupying my thoughts alot the the minute and im really having to refrain myself.

The boots in the collage are all my objects of desire:

A black pair of vintage cowboys boots. I collect vintage cowboys and black are missing from my brood. US ebay is always my first stop.

Sam Edelman harness boots. Im not going to fork out over £200 for them though.

Riding boots, both pairs pictured are from Dune, the matte black leather look nice on and the cuff folds up to cover the knee. The second pair are lovely shiny black patent leather with gold spur harness on the heel. Im loving the heel detail and the patentness although I like the option of over the knee on the other boots. Which do you prefer?

All saints fringe harness ankle boots. These have been on my wanted list forever, i'll just have to keep my eye out on ebay for a pair in my size, they look so comfortable and would wear really well.

Office black wedge ankle boots. These look really good on, they are as light as a feather and un-believably comfy, the only thing stopping me from shelling out £80 is they are suedette. I can't get my head around charging £80 for fake suede or leather.... Not going to happen even if they do look amazing.

Jefferey Campbell studded ankle wedges. How soft does that leather look and I love the studded sole - makes a bit of a difference to all the studded toes and heels around. The peeptoe isn't very practical in the British winter so im going to DIY a pair of boots myself - watch this space!!