24 November 2009

Blog i'm loving

This weeks blog im loving is Cupcakes and Cashmere. This is Emily's blog who is based in LA and has beautiful photos and a great mix of fashion, cookery and home posts.

All images from cupcakesandcashmere
Check out the blog - http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/

19 November 2009

Under £10

I have a secret santa present to buy which has a £10 limit so have been searching the online shops and here's what i've found - hopefully it may be of use to someone! All are £10 or less.
L'Occitane Shea butter handcream
Urban outfitters stripe silk top
Asos knit headwarmer
Topshop monster heat up hottie
Kiehls lipbalm
Revlon midnight affair

Urban Outfitters stud leather purse
Urban Outfitters Smiths mint rose salve
French Connection hammered silver earrings
Marks and Spencers crystal gem frame
Asos ear muffs
Boots Soap & Glory beauty case
Topshop pompom slippers


Marks and Spencers Mandarin & cinnamon spice candle
Asos art deco earrings
Asos twisted headband
Asos chunky knit scarf
French connection matte bangles
Topshop love necklace

18 November 2009

Blog I'm loving

I thought start a regular post about a blog im currently loving. This week its Wheredidugetthat. Karen is a London girl living in New York and puts together such great outfits everyday ( I like a regular blogger!) Im getting so much inspiration from this girl. Here are some of my favourite outfits:

I am ordering this dress today! How pretty is it and it will work just as well warmed up with tights, boots and cosy layers as it will simple and lovely in the summer. I wouldn't have looked twice at it on the website - total bargain £45 Topshop.

This is another outfit im wanting to take some inspiration from, a maxi dress is perfect for winter hiding cosy knit tights underneather, leather jacket and a big knit accessories. Possibly my favourite outfit on this blog.

All images wheredidugetthat
And. The. Shoes. Some of my most wanted shoes are in this collection. Drool.
Check out the blog when you can! http://karen-wheredidugetthat.blogspot.com/

12 November 2009

Help please: MAC brushes

I know a few of you are brilliant at make-up and will hopefully have some suggestions for me. I thought it about time I bought some new brushes as i've been using the same one for so long now, its time for an update!

So if any of you MAC addicts can help me in suggesting suitable brushes I will be very thankful, im after:

Blusher brush
Foundation brush
Bronzer brush
Eyeshadow brush and a
Brush for applying mineral skinfinish
Possibly a blending brush too?

Merci x

10 November 2009

Wedge it

I've been after a pair of black wedge boots over the last few months and ordered these at the end of last week. They arrived yesterday and I am in love with them. I just happened to spy them in the Emma Cook section of topshop and knew I had to try them. They are suede, nubuck and patent leather, very very comfortable and I love the tassel detail on the front zip. I tried on so many outfits last night with them and they look great.
Topshop are in my bad books though as they managed to damage my last order so I lost all of the sale items on it. I re-ordered the tie dye mini dress which looks really great with opaques the above wedges, and my biker jacket and I think I can just about get away with it with bare legs as long as they are tanned and im in flat sandals - perfect for holiday.

5 November 2009

Please do this as your one good deed of the day.

Please show your support for this very very important project and sign up now.

Thank you and spread the news on your blogs too! http://www.rainforestsos.org/pages/widget/

4 November 2009

Beauty spot

I've tried a few new things recently so I thought I'd report back.
Rescue Oil

I've had some scarring on my legs in quite large patches and was getting a little down about them. I was recommended Bio-oil and headed into my local savers to pick up a bottle. Next to it on the shelf was this little bottle. Rescue Oil.

At only £1.99 it was alot cheaper so I thought I'd give this a whirl first. Its is marvellous, I've applied it directly to the scarred patches and they have faded about 90%. The oil has a lovely very light powdery peach smell.

Its so cheap I use it as a bath oil too which is great when you can't be bothered to fully moisturise after as it leaves a nice layer of moisture on your skin. I can see it having many uses such as a good after sun moisturiser. I can't compare this to Bio oil but for me it has worked brilliantly so far and have stocked up on a few bottles already. Verdict - HITBatiste Tropical dry shampoo

I don't have greasy hair and I can leave my hair a good 3-4 days without washing it but sometimes if i'm in a rush one morning and want a bit of volume/ freshen up of my hair I've been reaching for this dry shampoo.

I've tried the original one before but its a bit 'pine fresh' for me so thought the coconut fragrance would be better. I'm just not a fan of these, they do freshen your hair and give a little boost to the roots but it leaves my hair looking so dull and grey looking and after an hour or so the build up from it weighs my hair down more than if I hadn't used it.

They retail for around £2 in most chemists. I'm not sure why I still buy this but most other dry shampoos I see are a bit more expensive and I don't want to waste my money on them if they are going to do the same thing. If anyone has a recommendation for another brand they would give a thumbs up to please let me know! Verdict - MISS
L'Occitane repairing shine hair mask

My mum bought me a sachet of this hair mask which I tried out last night. My hair is fine but I have loads of it, it's in fairly good condition although the ends are in need of a very good trim and are a little dry. I was having a bit of a pamper night and left it on for longer than the 5-10 recommended minutes - about 25 mins. The smell was fairly perfumed and the mask is made up of 5 essential oils - Angelica, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang-ylang and Patchouli and is recommended for colour and chemically treated hair and prevents damage against heat styling and environmental stresses.

I rinsed the mask of and left my hair wrapped in a towel to dry off for 10 minutes. The first difference to my hair I noticed was I was easily able to get a brush though my hair whilst damp - very painful and knotty normally. I dried my hair and it feels amazing - very smooth and soft yet my hair feels very light and not weighed down which has happened with some masks. The strong smell has faded and is now very light floral smell. This morning my hair was also so smooth including the dry ends and didn't need any straightening. Its a brilliant hair mask, the only downside would be the price - £19.50 for 250ml.

I would definitely use this again although I may just have to treat my self to the occasional sachet rather than the big pot! Verdict - HIT

3 November 2009

Seven grey things

I have been tagged by the lovely Becky at Style and the City to post seven grey items I have. Lucky for me grey is one of my favourite colours to wear.

1. Grey suede ankle boots from Topshop. These are incredibly comfortable despite the heel being quite slim and the slouchy suede is great for dressing outfits up and down.
2. Grey cable knit dress from Urban Outfitters. I bought this dress nearly a year ago and have worn it many times. Its snuggly and cosy can be worn with plain long sleeved tee underneath, high heeled ankle boots, dressed down with my harness boots and leather hoody - very versatile but mainly warm!

3. Grey nails. Im really liking grey nails at the moment but im yet to purchase, I need to try a few colours to find the perfect one. So I dont quite own any grey polish but I will!

4. Grey silk watercolour skirt from Urban Outfitters. I love this skirt so much it is my favourite. I know its not totally grey but it still counts... I wear it with a loose vest tucked in, blazer or slouchy cardigan, opaques and ankle boots.

5. Grey wool tights. I love wool tights when it reaches winter and get most of my pairs from H&M as they do a great wide ribbed pair in light grey or charcoal grey.

6. Grey fluffy rabbit. Im cheating again as I dont own one of these but he is on my wish list (although maybe not quite so fluffy) How adorable, he doesn't quite look real.

7. Grey Mulberry Roxanne. My most treasured grey possesion probably. I've had her for over a year now and she has been lovingly used and is now lovely and squashy yet the leather is still looking brilliant. This bag holds everything and weight trains my arms at the same time. Im so glad I finally got one!

I think most people have been tagged by now but I choose blue if anyone wants a go.

Pumpkin power

Last Friday was our annual pumpkin carving competition at work. I've never carved one in my life and haven't got any knife skills so I decided decoration would be the easiest way to make it look scary. My theme was Medusa!

Firstly I scooped out the flesh, (which smells horriffic and is so slimy) and painted with green poster paint mixed with pva glue (yes like we did at school!) then sat with the hairdryer on it for over half an hour as the paint was refusing to dry. Two coats later I carved eyes nose and a mouth in the shell.

I threaded fine garden wire through jelly snakes and bent them into wriggling shapes. Then then pushed the wire into the pumpkin head so the snakes would stand on end!


He/ she came a respectable second!