22 January 2010

In Miami

It was so nice to see the sun shining when we landed in Miami and it was warm enough to throw off the coats and uggs at last! We stayed in a motel for a night near the airport before dropping the hood down on the convertible, throwing the cases in the back and getting on the highway for our road trip down to the keys. So much fun!

We drove over endless connecting bridges for each island, the swamps either side of the road or turquoise sea, we stopped off a few times for food and drinks and landed in Key West early evening. I got a sundress out for the first time and bared my legs while we walked along Duval street stopped for cocktails and live music in the sun and sat on the pier at sunset drinking beer.

The next day disaster struck and the heavens opened and didn't stop til the evening - so so miserable and cold again..... There is nothing to do in the Keys as its built for sunshine and beaches, out only choice was Ripleys Believe it or Not which killed a good few hours and endlessly browsed the gift shops!

We stayed in a motel 2 blocks from Duval street and its not to be reccomended, unless you like being able to see daylight under the door and what your neighbours are whispering to each other!

Back on the road up to Miami and the sun was back out so we dropped the top down again for the last part of our road trip before dropping off the car and checked into last hotel.

Miami was freezing on the first night - I was back in coat and uggs - I couldn't believe it, it felt very wrong!

Slowly over the next few days the temp crept back up into the 80's and we managed a few beach days to get the start of a tan, shopped along Collins ave and took a trip up to Adventurer mall - very very good, walked all around ocean drive,down to south pier and ate some brilliant food.

Matt took me to Prime at 112 for a special dinner one night - Oysters to start and the best steak i've ever had - I could eat one every day it was that good. We sat out front on the terrace and I people watched the whole time - some very interesting characters came in!

We also ate at the Big Pink which is one of my favourite diners - and I can confirm that every thing is BIG. Prime & Big Pink

Our hotel- The Beacon was smack in central Ocean drive and if you don't mind a bit of hustle and bustle its perfect. It overlooks the beach, the rooms were nice, good aveda products, robes and breakfast at Johnny Rockets next door every day.




  1. oh wow you look as though you had such an amazing time xx

  2. It all sounds amazing, it must have been hard packing for the different weather conditions though!

  3. love the photos L,it really sums the atmosphere up!!


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