22 February 2010

Beauty spot

Its a while since i've reviewed any beauty products so here we go:

I've been working on a Revlon promotion for the last month and needed to wait until I finished to give a fair opinion. These are the products I had to wear.....

Revlon Mineral Mousse foundation: A light weight matte mousse, no parabens or talc because of the mineral formulation. Spf 20 and 16 hour colour stay. I think this is a perfect foundation for anyone after a light weight everyday foundation with no real skin problems to conceal. Its very smooth too. I didn't get on with this foundation simply because I my skin recently has been extremely dehydrated and I find matte formulations only make this worse. I did try swirling on a little facial oil before wearing the foundation to combat this but it wasn't really a solution I'd want to use everyday. I sold this to many younger girls who had reasonable skin and wanted an easy mattifying foundation. I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone liking heavy duty full coverage.

Revlon Red nail polish - I am a massive fan of Revlon polishes and this one is no different- a good coverage with one coat and the second coat perfects. Will buy over and over again.

Revlon Double twist mascara - As soon as I saw this brush I thought of Chanel Exceptionnel which I have tried previously and didn't get on with. I don't hate the type of brush as I think with practise you could get great looking lashes, my problem is way too much mascara comes out on the wand and I find myself scraping away to get a much lesser amount. When applying I find myself twisting the brush to use the moulded comb more than the classic bristle part and I can get reasonable looking lashes I dont find them seperated enough for me. I also find the mascara a bit too dry once on my lashes and it feels a little brittle. To be honest using both the Chanel and the Revlon there is very little difference, maybe a slightly better formulation with the Chanel but for the £14-£15 difference in price I would opt for the Revlon if you want to try this style of brush. I had some great feedback from people who had tried this.

Super lustrous lipstick in Revlon red spf 15- The colour is way out of my comfort zone and despite being a red is much pinkier on me. The colour lasts and lasts and only starts to fade when im eating my sandwich! It doesn't feel to drying as some lipsticks can (im usually a gloss girl) and I would buy one of their lipsticks again. the Kiss Me Coral is a nice shade as is the Matte- In the Red.


  1. i have only ever tried their nail varnish, it's very good.

  2. I like Revlon Red nail polish, should probably try some of the other colours too, I liked the peach one you posted about a little while ago.

  3. Revlon is such a classic brand, i love the nail polishes, they last so well x


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