27 May 2010

Weekend away

One hour left at work before I can run home and get my hair cut. Then packing madness follows.

I am off to Sherwood forest for a long weekend at Centre Parcs with 12 other girls for my sisters hen weekend. It shall be a mainly leisurely affair with the odd tree top trekking adventure/ water rapids and limbo-ing thrown in. (Yes we have a proper limbo pole complete with carribean music game!)

My sister is beyond excited and she doesn't even know the half of it! So I shall be back on tuesday with a few of the carefully selected photos to share.

I hope the sunshines a little this weekend and you all enjoy the May bank holiday. x


  1. Hope you have fun and get some sunshine! x

  2. Hope you have a lovely time, I love Center Parcs :) I'm off for a Mon-Fri break in August and I can't wait! xx


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