15 July 2010

Fields of fun

This weekend passed has been such fun. A friend held a festival to celebrate his 30th birthday. No expense spared!

We gained entry using our festival lanyards - yes there were bouncers on the field gate!

Set up camp, 3 girls in a two man tent is a little squeezed but cosy at night.

Headed off to meet friends and quench our thirst.

Watched the tug-of-war and attempted to join in a game of rounders

Danced and sang along to bands all afternoon and night.

Got decorated in face paint and giltter.

Watched the sun come up before the big pack-up and headed back home.

Quite possibly the best birthday party i'll ever go to.


  1. Looks great fun

    Your hair is lush!

  2. That is such a brilliant idea for a party! I bet it was amazing! x

  3. It was so so much fun, I'd love to try and do something like this for my birthday. Being in Jan it really isn't going to happen though! x

  4. Looks like lots of fun, I wish my hair was long enough to wear like that!


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