21 July 2010

My city deal- Groupon

I discovered this site a while back and thought i'd share it here. Originally I signed up as they were offering cinema tickets for a pound but have since bought a couple more deals.

You set your homepage to be whichever city/ town you live in and every day you are emailled the deal of the day, if enough people sign up, your voucher is emailed and money then taken from your account. You can also deals from other cities, handy if your heading to London for the weekend.

I first bought two hair cuts and finishes at Nicky Clarke for £29 - which I though was a really good deal, im booked in for my second cut next month!

I've bought a three course meal at a fantastic restaurant with cocktails for £10.

Another deal I bought was £3 for £20 worth of photo printing at posterxxl.co.uk. For my £3 I created both of these photo books, one from my last trip to NY, Boston & Miami and the second was my California, Mexico and Miami trip a few years back. I choose the smaller of the sizes and customised the pages how I wanted from the selections offered. All I paid was delivery.

If you fancy taking a look - you can check it out here from my reference code.





  1. Sounds good, the photo books look lovely, will take a look.

  2. thanks for the heads up,I've signed up as well,those books were a bargain!

  3. Amazing collection of video clips.Sounds like a smart plan they have. I never would have thought coupons would be such a big hit!


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