7 July 2010

When the sun shines

I find it so hard to keep up with the blog when the weather has been as warm as it has. My holiday was lovely bar a couple of stormy days and the weekends since have been spent outdoors with friends. Weeknights have been spent watching nearly every world cup game - i've really been enjoying it. My sweepstake team are still in - come on The Netherlands in the final!

Here are a few snaps from Lake Garda -Italy, mostly we soaked up the sunshine but did take a trip to Venice when the weather was bad.

This weekend just gone was a hen weekend for one of my best friends, we took her out for a wild wigs night on Friday followed by a more civilised overnight stay at The Belfry for a spa weekend. Again the sun shone and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What else have I been up to:

Watched Twighlight Eclipse on Sunday.
Stocked up on new books.
I've bought a fair few new items of clothing and accessories which I'll photo soon.


  1. I love both your maxi dresses, especially the second one, where's it from? My boyfriend got Germany in his work sweepstake!

  2. Italy looks so beautiful, I'd love to go back there! Lovely blog! x


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