7 August 2010

GHDs saved!

I used this company recently and had such good service I thought i'd do a little thumbs up piece on here.

My GHDs are about 8-9 years old now and were still going strong until recently. One of the plates came loose and was hanging off by a wire. I checked how much it would be for a new pair about £100 which although expensive after that much use over 8-9 years is fairly good value. I did a quick google search though to check about repairs and saw this site
http://www.ghdsrepair.co.uk/, after another google of the name and some good feedback, I paid £19.95 online and sent them the next day recorded delivery. They were returned less than 48 hours later with a free heat mat and new shiny plates. It was briliant service, and if for some reason they can't fix your straightners, they will refund you and post them back.

My friend sent hers off with a dodgy cable on the same day and got the same service.

Im very glad I didn't fork out for a new pair and thought it may come in handy for anyone whos straightners have died or are on the way out and you can't quite face buying a new pair just yet!


  1. Wow this is amazing, i'll remember this for when mine break! Thanks! x


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