17 September 2010

Beauty spot - Touch of Silver

I've been using Touch of Silver shampoo and condtioner by ProVoke (previously Schwarzkopf) for about four weeks now and I can't rave about it enough! If you have bleached / dyed blonde hair it is a saviour even if you don't think you need it!

I bought it after a bad DIY dye job - i'd tried an all over ash blonde which didn't touch half of my hair and left the roots a nice gingery orange colour.....

The shampoo and conditioner were orginally for grey and silver hair hence the name but have since had platinum blonde added to hair colours it works on.
They are both bright purple liquids and a fairly thick consistency and smell so so lovely. The scent reminds me of parma violets and it remains in your hair for a good while.

They claim to stop blonde/ white / silver hair getting the brassiness that often develops over time which I hoped would combat some of the redness at my roots! Not only did it fade the dye on the roots, it left the rest of my hair looking a really clean and clear blonde.

The shampoo can take a little bit of lathering but nothing that would put me off using it and the conditioner is very nourishing - great if you have any bleach on your hair.

There is a weekly treatment which I haven't tried yet which can actually be left on longer than reccomended to turn your hair the ashy grey/ pale lilac colour that has been 'in' recently. I may try this out but not to change the colour, just keep on top of the brassiness.

I found Touch of Silver in a large Boots store but it can be found in some Lloyds Chemists, Savers and online and the shampoo and conditioner are only £1.99 each. I will be repeat buying this over and over again.


  1. Thats interesting L,I think I will get some of this even though my blonde is more golden,I had previously bought Loreal Expert in silver but its expensive (about £11) and I'm not convinced its any good tbh,but £1.99 is more like it!!I could alternate that with the Green People shampoo I am using atm after trying it on Beauty Bible.

  2. I'd definitely give it a try L. I picked up the weekly treatment, dry shampoo and hairspray at the weekend so will report back on those once i've given them a fair trial! x

  3. Hello ! just wanted to say ive just found your great blog and following. Been catching up on some of your posts and love your style. xx

  4. Definitely going to check these out at some stage. If they can turn your ginger roots blonde than I'm sure they can do wonders on my bleached hair too =)

    Hannah xx


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