13 September 2010

H & M online launch

The new H&M online store launches on the 16th September although you can have a sneak peek and order if you subscribe!

There isn't masses on there so it wouldn't replace a visit to the store yet for me but its brilliant it is now online.

I'm liking this parka as modelled by the lovely miss Wasson. I have no idea where mine has gone so it may be time for a new one.


  1. Glad they have finally gone online! But I really thought there would be more stuff on there!

  2. funny you should be looking for a new parka,I have 2 but both are getting tatty now so I was thinking I need a new khaki one as I wear them loads.

  3. I know, I always browse the swedish site which is so so good. Im hoping we get the full range soon! x

  4. The H&M one is only £29.99- you can't really go wrong!! xx


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