27 October 2010

Make me up

I though i'd do a little post on my make-up. Im not into make-up that much at all really, and what you see below is pretty much my entire make up collection bar a couple of eyeliners and lipgloss.

I only really use MAC or Chanel and im not very adventurous, I stick to the same products again and again and rarely try a new brand or product. Im also pretty minimal when it comes to wearing it.

Monday to Thursday at work im out of my bed and in the car in half an hour so its a quick smudge of eyeliner, pressed powder and blusher. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I usually go make-up free unless i'm out for dinner or drinks when I can take my time getting ready. I find it quite relaxing putting on a whole face when I have the time.


I start with a moisturised face, brush a tiny dot of essential oil all over on for extra hydration (this smells fantastic) before starting with foundation followed by concealer where needed - usually under my eyes and finish with a very light pressed powder.

I need blusher to make me look healthy as my skin can look quite sallow, Coygirl and Pink Swoon are my best friends. I'll finish with a light dusting of bronzer.

I never really know the correct order to apply eye make up but I apply eyeliner first. I try my hardest to make eyeshadow look good on me but my eye shape means you can only see it when I close my eye so I rarely bother. If I do its usually Mac Carbon and my other two get outings now and again outfit depending!

I'll then reapply eyeliner again if needed before using Chanel Inimitable on my lashes, I have used this for years and im not sure i'll ever change. It doesn't give you the longest, fattest lashes but I can use false lashes if I ever want that. This lengthens and seperates perfectly and doesn't flake throughout the day.

Thats it! I'd love to be really skilled at applying make up especially blending eyeshadows but I guess im pretty safe when it comes to make-up.

Do you have one wonder product im missing out on? or a good eyeshadow tip for me?! How much of a make-up addict are you?  x


  1. You may not have a lot but the quality certainly makes up for it! I love reading about how people do their faces.
    Its nice to know that not everyone is an eye makeup expert. I see people wiht all their contours and blending and whenever I try I end up looking like a clown and/or panda!

  2. Thanks haribo, im certainly no expert and i'm very much a less is more when it comes to make up on me! x

  3. Do you ever find that mac is a bit heavy for concealer?

    Great blog - glad I found it!


    November Grey

  4. I'm also less is more/ quality over quantity when it comes to make-up. I like the sound of the Chanel mascara although I really like the Covergirl Lash Blast one I bought in NY. I'm no expert with eye make-up but get lots of tips from reading blogs, I've got the Urban Decay Naked palette and there have been so many good posts on how to use the different colours together.

  5. Your post has inspired me to downsize my collection and have a more quality over quantity collection. How do you find the MAC foundation and powder? I have sensitive skin and face & body foundation from MAC broke me out :( xx

  6. im not adventurous with my makeup either its either bobbi brown or nothing - weird huh?

    stop by sometime<3

  7. Hi

    I use Revlon foundation at the moment but I am thinking of switching to MAC as I hear its really good stuff.

    I hope you don't mine me asking but I noticed you live in Birmingham and I am going to Birmingham with a friend in a few weeks to go shopping. We want to find a nice restaurant by the Bullring. I wondered if you could recommend any? I have heard Jamie Oliver has opened one up, we have been to the Jamie Oliver one in Bath and its really nice so I would not mind going there.

  8. November - Thanks so much! The concealer I use I actually find fairly thin and only apply it sparingly after foundation, I used to use the Mac one in the little sqeezy tube but found that a little thicker.

    Becky - The Urban decay pallette does look really good and easy to use too.

    Sparkles and lipgloss - I'm getting on pretty well with the foundation considering this is the first liquid foundation i've ever bought, I love the powder and quite often just wear it on its own with a bit of blusher over the top. I don't have sensitive skin so i'm not sure how you'd fair - you could always get a test patch next time you pass a MAC.

    Anna - It does make it easier when you need to replace items - maybe not quite so fun chosing but definitely simpler! Thanks for visiting!

    The Brunette - I did a job for Revlon a while back and had a play with their liquid foundations - they seemed pretty good! Maybe get a make-over in Mac for £25, you can try the foundation first and then redeem your £25 one if you are happy with it!

    No problem - I think Jamie's restaurant opens next week, possibly the 8th so check first if you want to go there, other restaurants nearby - San Carlo is easily walkable in the city centre and v v good (probably the best Italian food outside of Italy), the Mailbox is only 10 minute walk and has loads of restaurants - check the mailbox site for all of them, there's Harvey nics there too for more shopping and a few other little shops too. In the Bullring it tends to be fast food chains - Nandos, Wagamamas etc - there's the Moet bar and restaurant at the top of Selfridges which is reasonable though. Hope that helps a bit, give me a shout if you need any more help.

    Thanks for all of the comments x x

  9. Oh thanks for the info thats really great x

    They have a San Carlo in Bristol and its really nice. How easy is that to get to from the Bullring?

  10. Its very easy from the Bullring keep walking up New St past the train station and I think its a couple of streets up on the left and the on the left hand side - probably a 5-10 minute walk and worth it! x


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