1 November 2010

Best of Kate Moss?

I noticed that tomorrows launch of the final kate Moss x Topshop collection contains a few dresses that look familiar! The red 'Pansy' dress the light blue 'Pansy' dress and the black 'one shouldered 'Dobby' dress were all sell outs when released in previous collections.


I actually have all three dresses already although the purple version of the Poppy dress and white version of the Dobby dress but am seriously thinking about getting a back up of the blue Pansy dress. I've worn this dress so much, its defintely one of my favourites.

Alexa in hers this summer.


I'll also be checking out this grey knit too.

Did you miss out on any of the dresses the first time? Will you be looking at any of them tomorrow?


  1. I also have the first two dresses and really like the one-shouldered dress too, I could almost be tempted but there are so many of these dresses around already I find it a bit annoying they're being re-released!

  2. hmm yeah I do like the blue poppy one its so cute x

  3. I messed about with the settings the other day- I must have had the privacy settings on something ridiculous haha! Thanks for commenting :) It's a shame this is kates last collection for topshop, not that I bought much from it but I adore her style so its nice being able to be a part of it! x

  4. Becky - At least it might be a bit easier to find one cheaper on ebay now as there will be more of them around!

    The Brunette - The blue dress is my favourite although I noticed it has gone massively up in price since the frist release.

    I don't have many more pieces than the dresses haribo I think just one vest top. I'll see whats left in the sale at the end of the year I think! x

  5. What do you wear the blue pansy one with?
    Have you got any photos on your blog wearing it?

    I am seriously thinking about buying it. although it is expensive I think its really nice and could be worn in winter too xx

  6. Love the pansy dress, hoping to get this one xx


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