27 May 2010

Weekend away

One hour left at work before I can run home and get my hair cut. Then packing madness follows.

I am off to Sherwood forest for a long weekend at Centre Parcs with 12 other girls for my sisters hen weekend. It shall be a mainly leisurely affair with the odd tree top trekking adventure/ water rapids and limbo-ing thrown in. (Yes we have a proper limbo pole complete with carribean music game!)

My sister is beyond excited and she doesn't even know the half of it! So I shall be back on tuesday with a few of the carefully selected photos to share.

I hope the sunshines a little this weekend and you all enjoy the May bank holiday. x

24 May 2010

Suggestions please.

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had all weekend, mine was spent lounging on a friends balcony having a pre-holiday tanning session, a few icy wine spritzers followed by an amazing bbq. Then we repeated the day all over again on Sunday! Im looking very healthy now although I forgot all about my parting and now have a very sore red line along my head.

Its my friends 30th birthday in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get her something nice but im stuck for ideas, so far perfume or a thomas sabo charm, and a little See by Chloe purse are the only things i've come up with. Can any of you think of some ideas please? Budget about £50ish.

If somone handed you £50 and told you to treat yourself what would you buy?!

Thanks for anything you can come up with!

20 May 2010

Home sweet home

I thought i'd take a few pictures from inside our new apartment, its pretty much how we want it now aside from a few finishing touches.
Our bedroom featuring Matts wardrobe (yes he has more wardrobe space than I do..!)
Guest room / dressing room. This is where I spend a bit of time, all of my clothes and shoes are housed here. I had a mass clear out recently so my wardrobes feel slightly empty but its great being able to find everything.


All my make-up, bags, scarves and jewellery are in these drawers with my everyday make up displayed on top.

My shoes are displayed in this book case which I love! Im debating getting another book case as I still have enough shoes left boxed to put out but I dont want it looking too crowded.

Bathroom is very white with a great big mirror. All our bits and bobs are stacked into this tower.

Open plan kitchen/ dining/ lounge.
This huge storage unit is a complete godsend, matt has a pretty large collection of dvds and they fit in perfectly. I think we'll box some of the bits on these shelves up at somepoint and stack in nice display storage boxes.


Kitchen area as you can see is very blue which i've grown to love. It has all the white goods hidden away too.

Finally the balcony which we haven't done anything with yet. We should have a table and bar stools arriving tomorrow and I want some nice pot plants and a bbq too.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

19 May 2010

Blog im bunny loving

I couldn't resist posting this blog too, The Daily Bunny. If you love bunny rabbits as much as me take a look at the cuteness!

Blog im loving

I love this blog-
The Rockstar Diaries by Taza & husband, its so sweet - much more of a lifestyle blog than fashion but still loving the outfits none the less. This blog has made me want a polaroid and a Diana camera so much and an amazingly cute bulldog...

I think they may love burgers as much as me!

All images - The Rockstar Diaries