24 January 2011

Don't you hate it when....


You have an item on your wish list for some time but you never get round to buying it. You spy it at half price, it arrives and you excitedly try it on and Oh, it just doesn't look good......!

That's exactly what happened, I wanted the House of Harlow Abalone Starburst ring and pendant for ages. My-Wardrobe had them in the sale for half price, I finally get them and the pendant looks great. The ring however takes over my entire hand, it covers three of my fingers and looks like a satellite dish on me. Back they go.

I never usually wear gold but would have liked both items to wear together so both are heading back.

Oh well, what's next on the wish list....

What's your most disappointing purchase once it has arrived?


  1. LOVE the pendant!! I do wish you would have kept it, it's lovely. I see what you mean about the ring though. Some things just aren't meant to be quite that large.

    Great blog!!

  2. I got the same starburst necklace but in black and love it! I could tell the ring would me massive for my tiny hands lol! I've sent so many things back as they weren't as expected! x

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lovely blog you have here, I'm a newbie follower :P
    My most disappointing purchase was a pair of shoes, the disappointing bit was that they were far too big, and I just couldn't justify keeping them, regardless of their prettiness :( sad times...

    Fiona x

  4. I saw the black version of the ring in a shop and it is ridiculously big! I like the necklaces though.

  5. What a shame, but think of the money saved ;)

    Thanks for your encouraging comment - my bulbs are only just starting to show but it's always a good sign. Going to head to the shops to buy flowers tomorrow, and I'm still trying to work out how to magic up enough pennies to justify buying the Chanel compact - it's gorgeous! x

  6. Aw that's such a shame, I hate it when that happens and you've wanted it for ages x

  7. Awww too bad they are lovely.
    I know exactly what you mean tho. I tend to shed a few tears when that happens lol.

    If possible stop by my blog. Hopefully we can follow each other's blogs??? I'm now following yours :)


    Linton from London

  8. the necklace is gorgeous! i wouldn't mind one myself!

    pity about having to return them :(


  9. Oh what a shame, I think I would have kept the pendant though ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, my glasses are from Specsavers in the 'toby' range.

    I think my most disappointing online purchase was (what I thought was) a gorgeous camel coloured wool trench coat from H&M, but when it arrived it was WAY too big and the material was really bobbly :( xxx

    p.s I've joined your followers :)


  10. Love this!


  11. soooo cute. i'm officially in love with ur blog. its so well organized and simple. great job! xo


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