17 January 2011

Hair heroes


My favourite products shown above and the routine I use to keep my hair healthy.

  • Shampoo -  with Kerastase, twice as I only wash my hair three to four days.
  • Conditioner - Smooth an even layer over the head massaging in and working down to the tips with Kerastase, leave for five minutes if possible.
  • Rinse - with mineral water just on your last rinse and you will notice a difference. (it doesn't have to be evian! any cheap supermarket mineral water is fine)
  • Wrap with a micro fibre hair towel until just damp.
  • Comb gently through using a tangle teezer working each knot out softly.
  • Protect and enhance smoothing Morrocan oil through the mids to end and comb through again.
  • Air dry if possible once a week.
  • Use a hair dryer with various hair settings and only start drying when hair is lightly damp.
  • Likewise with hair tools, try and use tongs or straightners with adjustable heat settings.
  • Finish with minimal styling products - a quick spritz of hairspray, shine spray, beach spray or texturiser. My choice is bumble and bumble surf spray.

My hair heroes I absolutely couldn't live without are the Tangle teezer - if you don't have one you should have!! They are brilliant at getting out any tangle without any pain.

The next is Moroccan Oil. I have just started using this as my new hairdresser used it on my hair, being an oil I thought it would weigh down my hair ( I have fine hair but loads of it) but it left my hair so smooth, and shiny and incredibly soft without weighing it down at all, in fact I would even say it had more bounce after using it. The oil is absorbed by your hair and even speeds up the drying process - brilliant! If you fancy trying it but don't want to pay the £29, you can buy a trial mini bottle which was £12, it also comes in a light version too and I will definitely be going back for a full size when it runs out.

The products that just missed out were the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner I have blogged about here and the Kerastase Ciment Thermique which is a treatment you smooth in after towel drying your hair off, it works to protect your hair from heat damage and works with your straightners and hair dryer. I know i'll go back to using this but for now im really happy with my new Moroccan oil and can't stop raving about it!


  1. Fab post, I have bleached hair and after a 3 month stint in SE Asia the condition is pretty awful! I use Aussia miracle moist shampoo and conditioner which works really well but nex time I run out I might give these a bash. I've never heard of a tangle teaser but my hair is quite short so probably don't need it! The moroccan oil sounds like a really interesting product too. I just checked out the other post you mentioned as well and the touch of silver products sound really interesting. Not sure if you've ever used this but Lee Stafford does a few things for bleached hair including a set of 3 toners which I think work incredible well!! He also does shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I've used the treatment and I think it works really well! Anyway, thanks for the wonderful tips and I hope I've been able to share some with you! I might do a post on my bleached hair one day too =)

    Hannah xx

  2. I love it!


  3. I've been wanting to try the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! How quickly do you run through the bottle?

  4. Thanks Hannah, i'll definitely check out the Lee Stafford range, I haven't tried any of his products before.

    Thanks Brenda.

    ~K, It lasts me quite a while but I dont overspray my hair, maybe 6-10 squirts to rough up my whole head. I don't use it everytime I do my hair either.
    I also love TIGI Catwalk Sexed-up Tonic with gives body and hold and smells amazing! x

  5. Great choices, i really need to try out the tangle teezer.

    Sadie x


  6. oooh, i have to try the moroccan oil - everyone raves about it. i love my john frieda frizz ease and something my boyfriend bought me for christmas -the babyliss big hair brush&dry - it;s absolutely amazing if one knows how to handle it (i don't quite yet manage that) but it really makes your hair look like you've just stepped out of a salon, it's basically a hairdryer with a rotating bristle brush - my hair shines like a hollywood starlet's - absolutely recommendable!


  7. i just got moroccan oil the small one! but i havent tried it yet. now im excitedddd

  8. great post! i will need to try some of these techniques!


  9. Great post. I love my microfibre 'turban' and tangle teezer too. The rinsing with mineral water thing is interesting but I wash my hair every day and we get through so much mineral water anyway it would just get silly! I definitely want to try moroccan oil sometime soon too.

  10. the tangle teezer brush looks really good! thax for posting that!!


  11. Nice post! Thanks for sharing your routine... The tip with the rinse of mineral water is great!

    *From Munich With Love*

    P.S. Late congrats to your birthday! ;o) Welcome to the club of the thirty-somethings!

  12. great post dear- thanks for the tips! I definitely need to get one of those brushes! xx

  13. I need to check out that shamp n cond. Great routine! xo

  14. I am a huge fan of Morrocan Oil too - does wonders.

  15. morrocan oil is amazing and smells lush!! love your blog, id love you to check out mine and give feedback xxxx

  16. I like your title--Hair Heroes. One thing I can't really live without is my Hortaleza hair spa. I have read a lot of reviews about morocon oil and I think it's a good one to add up in your hair heroes list.


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