25 January 2011

Here's to 2011

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Im know im a month behind everyone else but I didn't post any resolutions earlier this month as I hadn't really thought of any. I tend to hibernate during January and any eating or sociallising resolutions would go straight out of the winter.
However with February fast approaching I've decided to kick start the new year after this weekend! I really don't want to make any plans I know I can't stick to but still want to challenge myself.
  • This year I will go back onto the Dukan diet from February in order to get in shape for holiday.
  • I will not get any parking offences.
  • I will start the two projects I've had on my mind for the last few months.
So three, hopefully acheivable tasks. The Dukan diet was so successful when I tried it over the summer and im hoping to have the same results again.
When it comes to parking tickets, clamping and even towing im useless, I dread to think what they add up to, last years alone could have bought a Mulberry bag - shocking I know.
The two projects i'll reveal a little more when things get off the ground, both I want to start as hobbies and see where they take me.
How have you got on with any resolutions you made in January, how are you managing to stick to them?


  1. Ooh I've heard good things bout the Dukan diet, might have to give it a go to shake off those Christmas pounds! Sally x

  2. The two projects sound intriguing. I'd be tempted to do the Dukan diet again before a holiday, although there are elements I still do anyway like having oatbran and yoghurt for breakfast every day! I didn't make official resolutions but I did want to read more (I'm trying but I'm still reading the book I started at the end of December even though I'm enjoying it), have perfect skin (work in progress but I'm using some lovely products) and I also wanted to start an exercise class which I have and will be posting about later this week.

  3. I never make new year's resolutions as they're always broken by lunchtime! Good luck with yours! xx

  4. hey! thank you for your comment! I love people who take time to comment! :)
    I am curious, what is that dukan diet? I will google it know but do you have a good link or tips? I did Weight Watchers very sucessfully but it is so expensive! :(
    I quit smoking about three month ago and thats the only resolution to stick with it, well apart from studying early for exams! :D

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  6. I've been really bad with my resolutions - I think I need to start them again in Feb! You're comments about parking tickets made me smile, good luck with your resolutions xx

  7. I hope you accomplish your resolutions :)

  8. Becky - Well done on your resolutions, the Oatbran was one thing that stuck with me after the diet ended too. I used to make cinnamon muffins for my breakfast.

    London Loves, i've replied on your blog!

    Thanks for all the comments, I hope I stick to them too!

  9. oh, i'm so with you on the parking tickets. i couldn't believe how many i got last year, i'd like to avoid them as much as possible too!

  10. I'd love to hear about your tips for post- Christmas dieting, I just don't seem to have the willpower! Do you struggle being creative with food with a limited ingredients list? jazzy ♥

  11. Late as ever to this but I'm intrigued about your projects, maybe you can tell me if we meet up when I'm up and around again!


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