18 February 2011

Out with the old.

I have been having a mass clear out of my wardrobe. I really want to look closely at everything I have in there and sell/ donate anything that is no longer worn. So I have been using the one year rule.

If the item hasn't been worn in the last year then it has to go, if I'm desperately trying to avoid adding it to the 'out' pile then I have to put it together with a few outfits and see if I can actually picture the item being worn soon. Its amazing how many things I've bought for a special occasion that haven't seen the light of day again.

I've been asking myself, do I need three leather jackets when one is worn so much more? Are these shoes as appealing to me two years on (obviously not as they are still unworn!), and why do I have over 10 pairs of jeans when I rarely wear one pair. I'd really much rather have a wardrobe lined with clothes and shoes I can throw on daily that work with each other rather than random pieces attracting moths!

My wardrobes are looking much fresher and its so much easier to find everything. I'm also planning to scrap my work wardrobe section and have everything integrated together. I spend too much time at work compared to at home and life is too short to save my nicer everyday pieces. I'm not going to be rocking up in a fringed mini dress but the dress code is fairly flexible so I can make the most of what I buy.

Plainer basics are definitely what I'm aiming to stock up on more and more and spend a bit more money on better accessories.

I bought the first of my new accessories yesterday with some of my clear out proceeds and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Here's a sneaky peek. I'll post more photos of course when it arrives!


  1. The one year rule is a good idea. I've got a few things to put on ebay this week but may go back and see if there's anything else I no longer wear. I don't really have a separate work wardrobe anymore either for the reasons you mention. The watch looks lovely!

  2. Good luck! Closet cleaning can be hard sometimes. I always think that if I get rid of it I might want it back! haha.


  3. I know what you mean,
    you should be proud of yourself! ;)
    I think half of my clothes is still unworn, so thanks for the idea! lovely blog you have.


  4. I had a clear out a while ago, but like you need basics which I never remember when shopping! x

  5. doesn't having a massive clearout make you feel so good? I always find myself selling things on ebay too and coming away with a bit of extra cash :)

  6. This is such a good idea.
    Love your blog.


  7. i had a maaajorr clearout yesterdaay soo great. i like t when wheverything is cleared out and i can start filling it up again with staples and essentials instead of hoards of wtf that just builds up!!

  8. Good job on claering your wardrobe. I spend more time at work than at home so I started splurgin only on items that I can wear both at work and on the weekends. If it is something that I cannot wear to work and it is pricey, then I don't buy it.

  9. I love having a purge sometimes, and the one year rule is a good one. Feel free to send some of your cast-offs my way ;)

    And I have to admit that I did eye up the cake this morning and wondered if I could convince myself it makes a healthy breakfast choice because it's full of fruit! x

  10. Ohh i love doing this! But don't forget to ask yourself, will this come back into fashion anytime soon? :)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  11. I love a de-clutter!!!

    I'm the same in having a seperate work wear section, think i'm going to start mixing and matching as i'm definitely not getting enough wear out of my "nicer" non work items x

  12. My ring was from Etsy :) Search- chasedakota (she's the seller)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x


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