20 March 2011

Style steal


Really popular all over blogland, the YSL arty rings are shining on so many peoples fingers. The price tags are around £150 which is pretty steep considering they aren't even real silver or gold although I still want one despite this....!!


I came across these rings and thought YSL immediately and although they aren't a blatent copy you can see the influence behind them and what a steal too. You can buy them here Bimba&Lola  


  1. They are definitely similar, I still prefer the YSL ones though! I also saw some very similar ones on etsy a while ago.

  2. I love the Arty Ring, but that ones from B&L are awesome too! more cheap :P

    nice blog I will be passing by!

    regards from sayqueen.blogspot.com

  3. lovely rings!


  4. what a good find!! not sure if i can give up hope of buying a ysl ring yet though.. x


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