20 June 2011

Commenting problems

I'm having problems commenting on quite a few peoples blogs as there is a problem with Google which is still being fixed. Its so frustrating but hopefully this will help.

There is a work around which takes two seconds - Go to your Dashboard> Settings> Comment Form Placement, Click pop up window> Save changes.

If you don't have the pop up window set then the chances are that people are having trouble leaving you comments, some I can leave as an open ID but it doesn't leave my picture and details and others I can't comment on at all :(

You'll be able to change it back once the fix has been rolled out but in the mean time this will keep your comments coming in!


I hope that helps if you've been having problems too.


  1. Hey sweet, I can comment but it doesn't seem to leave my details. Thanks for this - will give it a go x

  2. Just came across your Blog, love it!! I too, have been having problems posting on other's Blogs, mostly having to to it anonymously, because it won't allow me any other way, though I do add my name after the comment. You have a new follower, as I stated, I've enjoyed reading your posts...stop by sometime.

    Desert Dreaming


Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I read every one and try to visit all of your blogs!