9 June 2011

Specs appeal

I've been wearing glasses for years and years now although you haven't really seen me in them here on the blog. I wear my glasses everyday and switch to contacts if i'm going out somewhere nice or to wear my sunglasses at weekends.

Now I need a new prescription i've decided its time to update my frames from these: Miu Miu's to some bigger framed geekier specs.


Ideally i'd like some Raybans in the new Wayfarer style the same as my sunglasses or some Clubmasters, but before I splash out i've decided to road test these glasses. The matte black pair came in at a very purse friendly £14.50 including prescription lenses and case + £3.50 shipping - what a result. Especially as many wearers know glasses do not usually come cheap!

As soon as i'd ordered the glasses I had an offer code come through for a free pair from another company which I also ordered with a similar frame but in tortoiseshell, so I can now suit my glasses to my mood and outfit!



I'll post some photos soon of the glasses on!


  1. Great glasees! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you :)

    Fashion Fractions

  2. Amazing! love the rayban!!


  3. They are brilliant, love the miu miu frames especially x

  4. Cute glasses, I love the tortoise shell ones :) I can't believe they only cost £18! Where did you order them from? xx

  5. Love Wayfarers. Husband wears the shallow tortoiseshell ones as normal prescription glasses and has black shallow Wayfarers for sunglasses with prescription lenses.

    Just make sure (if you do go ahead with the real things) that you get ophthalmic frames for prescription lenses and not the cheaper sunglasses frames- the build is weaker on the sunglasses as they're not built to be taken apart for different lenses etc.

    I hate wearing glasses during the day- I have a narrow head but big eyes so I find it hard to find ones to fit that I like!


  6. i loooove your glasses collection! =)


  7. i love this sunglasses;)

  8. Love this post! cool glasses!



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