27 January 2011

Blog im loving

Today's blog is Life In Travel written by Hanh. Super stylish, a wardrobe and shoe collection to make you a bit green with envy and inspiring photos from her world travels.





25 January 2011

Here's to 2011

Image: weheartit

Im know im a month behind everyone else but I didn't post any resolutions earlier this month as I hadn't really thought of any. I tend to hibernate during January and any eating or sociallising resolutions would go straight out of the winter.
However with February fast approaching I've decided to kick start the new year after this weekend! I really don't want to make any plans I know I can't stick to but still want to challenge myself.
  • This year I will go back onto the Dukan diet from February in order to get in shape for holiday.
  • I will not get any parking offences.
  • I will start the two projects I've had on my mind for the last few months.
So three, hopefully acheivable tasks. The Dukan diet was so successful when I tried it over the summer and im hoping to have the same results again.
When it comes to parking tickets, clamping and even towing im useless, I dread to think what they add up to, last years alone could have bought a Mulberry bag - shocking I know.
The two projects i'll reveal a little more when things get off the ground, both I want to start as hobbies and see where they take me.
How have you got on with any resolutions you made in January, how are you managing to stick to them?

24 January 2011

Don't you hate it when....


You have an item on your wish list for some time but you never get round to buying it. You spy it at half price, it arrives and you excitedly try it on and Oh, it just doesn't look good......!

That's exactly what happened, I wanted the House of Harlow Abalone Starburst ring and pendant for ages. My-Wardrobe had them in the sale for half price, I finally get them and the pendant looks great. The ring however takes over my entire hand, it covers three of my fingers and looks like a satellite dish on me. Back they go.

I never usually wear gold but would have liked both items to wear together so both are heading back.

Oh well, what's next on the wish list....

What's your most disappointing purchase once it has arrived?

20 January 2011

Clean them everyday


I have to hold my hands up and admit I am terrible at shampooing my make-up brushes, I always think, I'll wash them at the weekend and then conveniently forget..! My brushes aren't heavily used infact my blusher brush is the only brush that is used daily. Foundation, bronzer and eyeshadow are more likely to be once a week. I decided to try a daily brush cleaner and finally ordered one before Christmas and have been using it for a few weeks now.

I chose between the Bare Minerals daily brush cleaner 133mls £6.99 and the E.L.F version 250mls £3.50. For nearly twice as much and half the price I chose the E.L.F cleaner.

This product is a god send for someone like me - two sprays on the brush and a wipe over clean tissue or a cotton pad and you can see the colour coming off, I then leave in to dry. It even worked on my angled brush I had put gel liner on.

It does have a reasonably strong smell, quite medicated which I personally like and the brush really does feel clean the next morning when I go to use it.

You can buy the spray cleaner here and for £3.50 its well worth a try. http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~168.htm

19 January 2011

New brown leather



Here are a couple of my sales buys. The brown leather shorts are so soft and will be perfect as soon as I can start baring my legs. They are from River Island and were similar to a pair on my Christmas wishlist back in December.

The brown leather and wood sandals feel great to walk in although i've only stepped around the apartment so far! The wooden heel isn't too high and they have a nice height platform with thick yet comfy leather criss crossed straps. These were a Zara buy and will be perfect for my holiday.

What tops would you wear with the shorts? I was thinking of keeping it simple with loose tees tucked in?

17 January 2011

Hair heroes


My favourite products shown above and the routine I use to keep my hair healthy.

  • Shampoo -  with Kerastase, twice as I only wash my hair three to four days.
  • Conditioner - Smooth an even layer over the head massaging in and working down to the tips with Kerastase, leave for five minutes if possible.
  • Rinse - with mineral water just on your last rinse and you will notice a difference. (it doesn't have to be evian! any cheap supermarket mineral water is fine)
  • Wrap with a micro fibre hair towel until just damp.
  • Comb gently through using a tangle teezer working each knot out softly.
  • Protect and enhance smoothing Morrocan oil through the mids to end and comb through again.
  • Air dry if possible once a week.
  • Use a hair dryer with various hair settings and only start drying when hair is lightly damp.
  • Likewise with hair tools, try and use tongs or straightners with adjustable heat settings.
  • Finish with minimal styling products - a quick spritz of hairspray, shine spray, beach spray or texturiser. My choice is bumble and bumble surf spray.

My hair heroes I absolutely couldn't live without are the Tangle teezer - if you don't have one you should have!! They are brilliant at getting out any tangle without any pain.

The next is Moroccan Oil. I have just started using this as my new hairdresser used it on my hair, being an oil I thought it would weigh down my hair ( I have fine hair but loads of it) but it left my hair so smooth, and shiny and incredibly soft without weighing it down at all, in fact I would even say it had more bounce after using it. The oil is absorbed by your hair and even speeds up the drying process - brilliant! If you fancy trying it but don't want to pay the £29, you can buy a trial mini bottle which was £12, it also comes in a light version too and I will definitely be going back for a full size when it runs out.

The products that just missed out were the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner I have blogged about here and the Kerastase Ciment Thermique which is a treatment you smooth in after towel drying your hair off, it works to protect your hair from heat damage and works with your straightners and hair dryer. I know i'll go back to using this but for now im really happy with my new Moroccan oil and can't stop raving about it!

13 January 2011

Blog im Loving

Im back with another Blog im loving. Bu the right thing is written by Annabu a German model in Cape Town. I think i'd describe Annabu's style as relaxed and eclectic with some lovely location shots wherever she happens to be. I hope you visit it!





All images from Bu the right thing

12 January 2011

H and M Spring has sprung



The new spring collection at H and M is exactly what I want right now and with such good prices, nothing over £35 and mostly around £15, its not going to break the bank. I have the dress, both pairs of trousers, both pairs of sandals and the jumper on my list. If only I could buy some spring weather right now.

What do you think of the collection?

11 January 2011

The world is getting smaller and smaller.

As I mentioned on yesterdays post, I celebrated my Birthday whilst I was off, quite a big birthday - 30...!! It was one of my most memorable and I couldn't have wished for a better day. I spent the morning and afternoon with Matt, my sister and her husband and in the evening my whole family and friends from all over the country came out for cocktails at Malmaison followed by a Casino. Far from sobbing about reaching 30 I didn't want to the day to end and stretched the night out as long as possible.

As well as receiving some fantastic presents shown in the post below my biggest present came from Matt who has bought me flights to South America and we're going to do a bit of travelling around Uruguay and Argentina!! My family have paid for my accomodation and some spending money and my sister has even given me a surfing lesson! 8 weeks to go and it can't come quick enough, I am on countdown already. Guidebooks are at the ready!



10 January 2011

New treasures

It took me slightly longer to get into the swing of returning to work last week so a very belated Happy New Year! I have a few entries to post to catch up on the last few weeks.

I was a lucky lucky person and so pleased with the presents I received, some of which are birthday presents, I've photographed a few favourites here for you.

Converse Hi-tops

Marc Jacobs Lola


Clarins favourites

MAC Fluidline and 266 angled brush

 Love Chloe

New Thomas Sabo charms, casino chip, eagle, snowflake and feather

Fresh cut flowers

Diana Dreamer Lomography camera

I have so many blogs to catch up on to view your Christmas and New Year posts and will visit all the blogs who have kindly left comments over the last few weeks. Back tomorrow!