24 February 2011

Friday night accessories

Matt and I went out for dinner last Friday and these are the accessories I wore.





Christopher Kane x Topshop clutch
Birthday gift necklace
Michael Kors watch
Silver rings
Topshop ankle boots
Trish McEvoy lipstick

My camera is terrible at dimly lit photos so there are a few outfit photos posted below, you can just about see what I was wearing! Roll on lighter nights.






H&M blazer
American Apparel tee
F21 skirt
Accessorize tights
Topshop boots

Oh and I snuck a photo of Matt looking handsome, I do love him in a blazer!

22 February 2011

Arm candy


I posted a little teaser of a new watch I had just bought and i'm excited to say it has arrived! I haven't taken it off yet and despite going from a very light everyday steel Skagen watch it feels lovely to have something chunky and solid around my wrist.

Its the Michael Kors oversized shiny steel chronograph.



I hope you like it!

18 February 2011

Out with the old.

I have been having a mass clear out of my wardrobe. I really want to look closely at everything I have in there and sell/ donate anything that is no longer worn. So I have been using the one year rule.

If the item hasn't been worn in the last year then it has to go, if I'm desperately trying to avoid adding it to the 'out' pile then I have to put it together with a few outfits and see if I can actually picture the item being worn soon. Its amazing how many things I've bought for a special occasion that haven't seen the light of day again.

I've been asking myself, do I need three leather jackets when one is worn so much more? Are these shoes as appealing to me two years on (obviously not as they are still unworn!), and why do I have over 10 pairs of jeans when I rarely wear one pair. I'd really much rather have a wardrobe lined with clothes and shoes I can throw on daily that work with each other rather than random pieces attracting moths!

My wardrobes are looking much fresher and its so much easier to find everything. I'm also planning to scrap my work wardrobe section and have everything integrated together. I spend too much time at work compared to at home and life is too short to save my nicer everyday pieces. I'm not going to be rocking up in a fringed mini dress but the dress code is fairly flexible so I can make the most of what I buy.

Plainer basics are definitely what I'm aiming to stock up on more and more and spend a bit more money on better accessories.

I bought the first of my new accessories yesterday with some of my clear out proceeds and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Here's a sneaky peek. I'll post more photos of course when it arrives!

16 February 2011

Budget basics


These really are basic basics as my forthcoming travels as swallowing up nearly all of my disposable cash.

I desperately needed a couple of throw on loose tee's to be worn with, shorts, skirts, and jeans. Both were from Forever 21, the cream is a sheer very fine knit and the grey is jersey. £14.80, £13.80.

The striped skirt is another Forever 21 buy and is perfect for hiking up into a highwaisted mini or a more conservative pencil skirt. £7.50.

The fine knit striped jumper is perfectly slouchy, is thin enough to tuck in my shorts, loose enough and long enough to wear over leggings. From H&M. £9.99.

The blazer is also from H&M, I discovered neither of my other two black blazers aren't really doing it for me anymore so I wanted a fast cheap update, this ticks the boxes, and also comes in rust and grey and i'm going back for both at this price! £14.99.

Im still in need of some slouchy vests but i'm really struggling to find any at the moment, I think im a little to early in the year for a good selection.

Have you bought any great budget basics recently?

14 February 2011

Chanel Black Pearl


I was in need of a replacement Inimitable masacra and took a wander down to my local Chanel counter to pick one up. Whilst there I had a quick paint of the new Chanel Black Pearl nail polish and was hooked, I loved it so needless to say a bottle came home with me.

It is a dark gunmetal grey with the tiniest hint of teal/ turquoise shimmer which is beautiful when it catches the light.

I've tried to capture it as best I can on photo but try it out if you can! It looks really great with my silver rings and is actually my first nail polish with a shimmer to it, all of my others are creme. It must be special!



11 February 2011

Blog im loving

I guess this blog, Cats and Rocking Chairs won't be new to many of you but it is a recently discovered find for me. It has quickly become of of my favourite personal style blogs out there. Created by Morven from Scotland with attainable high street finds put together in a cool quirky way with fabulous top knots! If you haven't already - check it out here....




9 February 2011

FACE cream


I've been using two new moisturisers recently and have given them a good trial and thought I'd post my big thumbs up here.

My skin is normal / dehydrated. My skin is usually only dehydrated during the colder weather and while it doesn't cause any visible effects on my skin I can feel tightness and lack of moisture all over my face and it can sometimes look a bit lack lustre.

I have raved about FACE Stockholms hand cream before, Face Stockholm is a Swedish brand, 25 years old and creates natural, simple, clean skincare and make-up products. I was very excited to see they now deliver in the UK and have a new store in Manchester on King St.

I chose two moisturisers, The Advanced Hydration Vitamin Cream and the Orange Cream.

Advanced Hydration Vitamin Cream £35.

This cream is very emollient and I've found myself using this more often at night time as it is one of the heaviest creams I've used, the smell I would describe as a botanical smell, quite medical but in a herb kind of way.

A small amount goes a long way and I know once I've applied this before bed I'll wake up with amazingly soft skin the morning after. This cream saved my skin over the month or so we had the big freeze, I had to let it sink in for a while on my skin before applying any make-up but I felt it working as a barrier all day. I would recommend this cream to anyone with dry skin, mature skin or someone wanting a great working night cream.


Orange Cream £37.50.

This cream is what it says on the tin! It smells gorgeous, think of freshly peeled satsumas and you'll get the idea. It is a lighter cream than the one above and is packed full of vitamins.

The vitamin C brightens my skin and also acts as a light exfoliater, brilliant for anyone with fine lines. I call this my 'morning after the night before cream'. As soon as its on my face my skin feels better and looks brighter and perked up, great after a heavy night out.

I use this cream most days and can be used morning and night, it will be lovely in the summer as a lighter alternative to the Hydration cream above.

This cream I would recommend to anyone, its light yet rich and although that doesn't make too much sense, when its on your skin you can feel it.
Matt has also had his paws on this as he can't get enough of the smell and how nice it feels too, it would make an ideal post shave cream actually.


You can find more information on the creams and all the other skincare available here http://www.facestockholm.co.uk/ as well as the make up range.

I think the packaging is fantastic, simple and chic and I'd love to have a collection displayed in my bathroom (the bathroom products are very tempting). I'm definitely going to be investing in more FACE Stockholm.

1 February 2011

Craving khaki

I only have a couple of pieces of khaki clothing in my wardrobe but I find it so easy to wear and it seems to be a good colour for me. I'm determined to get a few new items for spring and summer, here are several that have caught my eye.