31 August 2011

New in

Straw & navy trilby

Leopard shorts

28 August 2011

Blue suede shoes

This is what I wore to the wedding a while back. The location was very pretty so I decided on a dress to match, an old favourite dress which hasn't been worn for a long time. I remember this dress was virtually impossible to get hold of when it first came out due to Kate Moss being snapped in it. This is my second dress as the silk was getting a bit too worn on the first!

I kept with the blue theme and paired it with my blue suede sandals, again these are years old!




Dress - New Look
Sandals - Poste Mistress @ Office
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Zara

25 August 2011

Beach reads

Following on from the beach essentials post here are my not too taxing holiday books.


Jump -  I've been reading Jilly Cooper for years, always set in beautiful english countryside, gorgeous characters with enough romping and humor to make it the perfect beach read.

Twitchhiker - A true story, one guy travels the world using only offers given to him on twitter - sounds amazing and I need to know how he did this!

One Day - Two people, twenty years and one day. I'm sure you've all seen the film trailers but I honestly don't know much about this story. I love to read books first before seeing the films so have deliberately not researched this too much.

My friends and I will have a little book club on holiday and swap with each other throughout the week, I can usually get through a book a day. My middle name is bookworm!

I'll let you know what I think once i'm back.

What has been your best read recently?

After today i'm off work for a two week break one of which is in Corfu so I have scheduled posts and I will be back to catch up on your comments and blogs soon!

20 August 2011

Beach essentials

In preperation for my holiday in a few weeks I've started planning what to pack. Here is my list of the items needed for the beach or pool!

Large cotton sarong. These have a few good uses I mainly use mine instead of a beach towel, quick drying and no sand stuck to it, small and light to pack too.

Sunglasses - Got to protect your eyes when reading and people watching!

Hat - For when you want a little shade on your face.

Flip flops - Easy to get on or off, waterproof and comfy.

Sun protection - I've been using Banana Boat Sport spf 30 dry oil for years and I still get the best tan without burning. It works for me as, once you've rubbed it in there is no sticky oil or grease on which can cause heat rash. I might switch down a couple of factors for the last two days depending on the heat.

Hair protection - I alternate between a protection spray and a conditioning oil which works a treat with the suns heat.

Lip protection - Sunburnt lips are extremely painful, I use an Ambre Solaire factor 50 stick block on them and my nose too!

Hair bobbles - get your hair tied up and away from your face in a cute beach style.

Wide tooth comb - Get those sandy salty knots out with ease.

Inflatable pillow. Whether you have a lounger or lying on sand it's nice to have a soft pillow to read from. Waterproof and extremely light to pack.

Water - lots and lots of it.

Beach bag - A good sized bag for all the essentials!

Books - Holiday reading for me is time to switch off and not get involved in anything too taxing. I'll do a post on this years beach reads soon.

18 August 2011

DIY Beauty - Lemon oil body scrub

I was asked to do a DIY by a reader so here's a very simple one anybody can do. Its also very cheap too.





Will you give this a go? Would you like to see more DIYs here?!

15 August 2011

Ten years on....

Thanks so much for all of your kind messages from the last post, I appreciated every one of them. I'll hopefully get round to visiting your blogs shortly, I have some major blog reading to catch up on!

I found this tan leather skirt in a bag in my mum's attic, I bought it maybe 10 years ago, I'm shocked I can still get in it! I wore it out on Saturday night for a friends birthday dinner and cocktails.

I tried out my new hair curler which i'm really liking, it did take me a fair while to do my whole head but the loose waves looked pretty good I think. I do need some much stronger hairspray though as my hair had dropped by the end of the night as you can see in the last photo. Any recommendations?

Here are my outfit photos and a few pictures from the night.







Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Jane Norman
Shoes - Zara
Clutch - See by Chloe
Bangle - Craft stall
Ring - From Croatia

Birthday boy Ben

Matt and Charlie

Anna and a lot of fruit!

Matt looking a bit serious

Violet cocktail - took me nearly two hours to drink it was so strong.

Becky and Ben

11 August 2011

Grass is always greener?

I'm feeling a little disheartened this week, i'll be quite glad to reach the end and start the weekend afresh. I started the week watching the riots in London which then moved up to my city of Birmingham. I've felt sad, angry confused and angry again. We haven't been able to leave the house any evening so far and the city centre was in lock down last night meaning it was a struggle for us to even get home. The city has been ransacked and local businesses will have an uphill battle to return to their daily routine.

My younger sister is a police officer and now has the job of tracking down and arresting the idiots who have been rioting and petrol bombing the police stations in her city of Nottingham.  It really hasn't seemed quite real this week.

Our anniversary dinner was cancelled as every business is shutting their doors early which was a shame but we'll get to do it another day.

Yesterday was a really sad day at the  funeral for one of my best friends mums. It puts everything into perspective really.

I don't often get too personal on my blog but it feels good to put it down in writing and will move onwards and upwards with some fun plans this weekend with friends - lets hope the city is back on its feet and open!

Moving on, here's a little collage I have put together - I noticed green is becoming more and more popular at the minute, moving away from the minty pastels and turquoises to fresh grass and apple greens. I really like it and I think it looks great on blondes, brunettes and red heds! What do you think?


Wallet - Proenzer Schouler
Nail polish - OPI in Green-wich
Ring - Mawi
Home fragrance - L'Occitane Verbana
Dress - Topshop
Sandals - H&M

9 August 2011

Happy day

Six years ago today we had our first date, six years on and i'm loving every minute.

Looking forward to our date tonight x x


PS. Thank you for every photo you take for me here on the blog!

4 August 2011

Leafy greens

Monday night was so humid we headed to one of the pubs on the square for dinner on their terrace followed by a few photos on the park and drinks outside at a friends restaurant.

I grabbed one of my lightest dresses I had bought a few years back in Brazil, I love the back detail.






Dress - FARM Brazil
Flipflops - Havianas

2 August 2011

Grey girl

My favourite neutral to wear is grey, i'd be quite happy to wear a bit of it everyday. Grey jersey is the best! This sleeveless gillet doesn't get enough wear, I need to try belting it too.

I took a long 4 day weekend which was great, i'm so happy with the heat that has finally hit the UK, being able to sit outside until late at night is perfect. I was actually much too warm in this outfit and peeled it off as soon as I got back from the shops.









Gillet - All Saints
Vest - Topshop
Jeans - Sass & Bide
Sandals - Zara
Belt - From Greece
Druzy pendant - From Uruguay
Long chains - H&M
Watch - Michael Kors
Wooden bangle - From Brighton
Bag Zara

Giveaway winner

Congratulations to LA from LA's blog, you have won the Zara leather bag. I have got in touch so please check your email. Enjoy!

Thanks to all of the entries, I will be putting up some blog posts you have suggested very soon.

Hopefully I'll post another giveaway soon - got to find something special for you all! x